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10 Stress Related Health Concerns That You Can Fix

Stress Related Health Concerns

Need one more thing to get consumed with stress related health concerns? Your stress itself could be causing you to sick. "Stress doesn't only make you feel awful psychologically," says Jay Victor, MD, writer of "Take the stress Out your Life and Director of the strain Management Program for Sansum Medical

A Calm Mind Is A Healthy Mind

Healthy Mind Affirmations

A calm mind leads to a Healthy Mind Affirmations in many aspects of routine life. But for many people, a small amount of stress is part of everyday life. Therefore, they may not recognize that it has a negative impact on their general health. Studies have shown that feeling stress or

Normal vs. Abnormal Memory Changes Over time

Normal vs. Abnormal Memory Changes

Memory changes over time is more likely as you age, it is natural that your memory is not going to be as good as it used to be.  If you have children, you may notice how well their memory functions are.  However, as you move further into adulthood, you may