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Scientist Deflates 5 Food Allergy in Kids Mythologies

Food Allergy in Kids

A surge in food allergy in kids over the USA has flipped classrooms into homemade-treat-free zones and parents into expertise for scanning brands. But what's fact and what's fiction? Ruchi Gupta has been at the forefront of food allergy research, applying her results both in her medical practice and in her home.

Kids Growing Up Too Quickly

Kids Growing Up Too Quickly

Kids Growing Up Today kids growing up too quickly and behaving like adults at a really early age, child caregivers say. With the internet and TV playing a growing role in their lives, children are exposed to issues and ideas they can't comprehend. They're coming under influences that were kept from

To Circumcise or Not Circumcise? That is the Question!

To Circumcise or Not Circumcise

One topic that gets a lot of controversy is whether to circumcise or not circumcise baby boy. Not even all physicians agree on this.  On a past episode of the popular American television show, “The Doctors,” this disagreement was evident.  When you are pregnant, it is best to think over whether you