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How To Lose Pounds Quick And Without Medication

Lose Pounds Quick

Lose Pounds Quick

It’s not just another fashionable diet manuscript that fills libraries, bookstores and the Internet, but the real story of how I lose pounds quick nearly 150 pounds in about 14 months (and kept the pounds off). The story, I believe that anyone who can walk, will benefit.

Mainly let me back-up a bit and explain how a middle-aged man with a medium to large frame reached 335 pounds. Well, it was not difficult and it did not seem to take that long. I was eating a lot of fast food, burgers and little or no exercise over the course of a few years. Sounds familiar? In my 30s and 40s I was quite active with diving and only at my job. Then, suddenly, my work changed to when I sat at a computer eight hours a day (and still do), instead of being a busy technician building and testing things.

With age also came the deceleration of my body’s metabolism (I am now 54), along with a job of sitting down and eating lots of fatty burgers and other high-calorie foods. Especially bad was eating large meals before going to bed. It did not take me long to find 335 pounds. I exploded like a great whale and my huge belly hung over my waist. I had to buy 3X shirts and 50 waist pants for my volume. I looked and I felt horrible.

The moment came when I finally said that enough is enough! I did not feel well, I was out of breath all the time, and I could barely climb the stairs to the bedroom. I went out and bought a good digital bathroom scale and weighed myself the next morning (undressed and after using the bathroom). The maximum limit on the scale was 330 pounds. The scale gave me an error message (a large capital E). That meant he weighed over 330 pounds! Oh my God, I thought! Cannot be! That morning, I weighed myself at work on the shipping scales. My weight was approximately 340 pounds fully clothed and after breakfast. That meant my true morning weight was around 335 or so.

Steps For Loosing The Pounds

I knew I did not want (or could not afford) to buy expensive exercise equipment. I also did not want to spend a lot of money to join a health club. There had to be a better way. I did some research on the Internet about aerobics and metabolism (the speed at which the body burns fuel) and I came to the conclusion that the answer to my weight problem was to increase my metabolism through aerobic exercise and changing my eating habits. The strict definition of aerobic is with oxygen. The body uses oxygen to burn fuel. Aerobic exercise improves the body’s oxygen consumption and burns fuel more efficiently. I learned that aerobic exercise (such as brisk walking for 20 or more minutes without stopping) will increase the body’s metabolism (maybe up to several hours), even after you stop exercising. This is just one of the additional benefits of aerobics.

I encourage all those who read, to search the internet for metabolism and aerobics. Here, there is much more information than I can put here or need. The information is abundantly available, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel.

Tips and Tricks to Lose Pounds Quick:

After getting freaked out when my new digital bathroom scale was Tilt, this is what I did.

  1. I created a spreadsheet on my home computer to track and record my weight every Saturday morning (you can choose the day you want, as long as it is consistent when you weigh). Once a week is the best.
  2. I researched on the Internet about weight loss and I learned about metabolism, aerobics and aerobic exercise (and how they affect the body and calories). I thought I should have about 180-185 pounds for my height and frame, so I adjusted my daily calorie intake for that body weight. There are no special diets to talk about, just adjusting calorie intake, although I do try to eat healthy foods most of the time.
  3. I invested in a good pair of walking shoes. This is critical!
  4. I measured a mile (using my car’s odometer) and timed the time it took me to walk a mile at a fast pace (fast pace, which means walking fast enough to raise my heart and breathing rate). It took me 20 minutes to walk a mile. A 20-minute mile is not that fast, but fast enough for someone who weighs 335 pounds. And 20 minutes is the minimum training time for aerobic exercise to be beneficial for the heart. My course was no more than the sidewalks of my neighborhood. Partly homes and apartments, and partly businesses.
  5. I walked one mile per day, every day, for about the first month (a 20-minute walk after dinner). I noticed that my energy level was growing and I felt better. After the first 10 days, my digital bathroom scale began to give me a number instead of the big error message E. Progress defined!
  6. The second month I increased my distance to a mile and a half per day (or a 30-minute walk after dinner). The pain in my legs gradually disappeared.
  7. I continued this pattern of increasing the distance by half a mile until I was up to six miles per day (doing three miles before work and three miles after work). Six miles a day can be a bit extreme, so you may want to adjust your walks accordingly. But it worked for me and I got to the point where I could walk three miles without breaking a sweat. The pounds melted!
  8. After losing almost 100 pounds, I reduced myself to four miles per day (two before work and two after work). I also walk faster, to a mile of 17 minutes).
  9. After 14 months, I reached 185 pounds and it’s apparently where my body wants to be. I continue to walk four miles every day, observe my daily caloric intake and stabilize at 185 pounds.

Keeping Health at Top

Still like a big juicy burger and an ice cream once in a while? OH YEAH! I love those things! But I weigh religiously every Saturday morning and my weight seems to be happy and constant at 185. I do not deprive myself of the foods I love, but I have learned what, when and how much I can eat and get away with. One has to experiment and adjust accordingly.

I wait for my walks every day. In fact, I have a sense of achievement after each walk. A marginal benefit, I suppose. Another benefit is that walking is a great relief from stress, especially after a hard day at the office. In general, I am in much better health. That 150-pound bar that he’s been carrying all day is gone. My heart and cardiovascular system are much healthier due to the walk.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits (apart from the obvious health benefits) is that the people of the neighborhood and the shopkeepers stop me all the time and comment on how I look. These are the people who would see me walking through their homes and shops every day. They saw a very fat person once transformed into a thin person.

To Summarize:

I was tired of being obese and I knew that it was killing me and I needed to do something fast. I was a sure candidate for a heart attack or stroke. After doing some research, I discovered that the best way for me was to walk aerobically along with a change in eating habits. There are other types of exercises that will also work, but I think that nothing is as good for the human body as walking. The benefits are huge and the cost is, well, the price of a good pair of walking shoes and comfortable clothes. It’s nice too!. Now forget about those boring indoor treadmills. Go for a walk outdoors!

If you can walk, have a place to walk, sign up! If you are like me, you will increase your energy a hundred times. Start slow at the beginning if you are out of shape, a few minutes a day. Walk briskly and swing those arms. Increase until you can do a mile, then a mile and a half, and so on until you reach your targeted weight. This is a lifetime commitment, so do not stop after reaching your target weight.

My family and friends at work say that I am half the man I used to be. They are not far away! I went from wearing 3X shirts and 50 waist pants, wearing big shirts and 34 waist pants. Yes, I had to buy all the new clothes, but I did not mind spending a little.

Take care and walk happy.

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