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Kids Growing Up Too Quickly

Kids Growing Up Too Quickly

Kids Growing Up

Today kids growing up too quickly and behaving like adults at a really early age, child caregivers say. With the internet and TV playing a growing role in their lives, children are exposed to issues and ideas they can’t comprehend. They’re coming under influences that were kept from them and their parents are to blame. Parents who wish to provide their children in a world the edge put a lot of focus early childhood educator Kimberly Powell said. The result is to place pressure on children to grow in a society. In the process, children have been robbed of innocence and their childhoods, said a professor at Massey University from Palmerston North, Dr Powell.

Younger teenagers didn’t have the maturity to cope with ideas which were once first encountered by adolescents. A British study of primary schooling a year ago said that 3.5 million children from the UK has been struck by a worrying loss of childhood. Adolescence also occurred it said. Dr Powell in addition to other child caregivers were worried teenagers experimentation with drugs, and became sexually active than they need to. New Zealand teens are showing the world how, with the 3rd pregnancy rate in the world. Figures for 2006 showed 28.4 births per one million women aged 15-19 up from a 10 calendar year low of 25.6 from the year 2001.

Abnormal Factors of Kid’s Growing up

Factors frequently blamed for the rise of teenager adults included TV, the internet, absentee and indulgent parents, ugly divorces, terminal diseases, sexual and social abuse and peer pressure. It’s a world wide trend and parents are frequently only taking minimal liability for proper care of their kids, Dr Powell said. They easily blame all of it on work, financial commitments and modern lifestyles.”. Parents said they were unable to deal with today’s teenager commitments and responsibilities as they’d changed so much from previous generations. Canterbury teachers last calendar year complained children were growing up too fast because we live from a society where everything is instantaneous and that is affecting children.

There have been other factors exacting a toll on kid’s normal growth, Dr Powell said. A lot of parents seem to have a lack of understanding about what’s the appropriate development for their kid at a given age.”. Far more kids were starting education at a young age, and pre school enrolments had risen. Child psychiatrists reported more kids were seeking counselling. It had been as if society had made a collective decision to stop kids from being kids, Dr Powell said. We would like them to grow up too quickly with force feeding them materialistic ideas and the consumer culture.”. Children Help Trust Foundation executive director .

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