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A Genuine Hostgator Web Hosting Reviews

Hostgator Web Hosting Reviews

Tired of reading all the blatant criticism of Hostgator? I thought I would finally write a truthful Hostgator Web Hosting Reviews that will tell you the real strengths and flaws with Hostgator Hosting.

First, a word of warning. Most of the Hostgator reviews on the market are promoted to buy Hostgator Hosting through their affiliate links, so do not listen to them. For the Actual Client Hostgator Review, visit the Hostgator Forums and go to the ‘Customer Reviews’ category. I am writing this Hostgator Review as a personal experience with Hostgator web hosting for the past 2 years, and I will try to be as helpful as possible to help you make the right decision when buying your hosting. I want to start this Hostgator Review by highlighting the main flaws with Hostgator.

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Hostgator review – Defects:

1) If you expect your sites to load at lightning speed with shared hostgator hosting (which most people buy), then you are wrong. On a shared server, you are basically sharing a single server with approximately 700-800 different websites. Although, its speeds are better compared to other hosts, but it can still perform a bit slow for its visitors.

2) Hostgator does not have an exhaustive database of answers to common questions related to Hosting and cPanel, etc. Although you can contact through a Helpdesk and Live Chat (24/7 Live), where they will answer all your questions, but still it would be useful to have a good solid knowledge base.

I mentioned these flaws in this review of Hostgator, since some people feel that “speed” and “knowledge base” are important factors when considering a host. Now, do not close this Hostgator Review. I will list some of Hostgator Hosting’s strengths to complete this brief Hostgator Review.

Hostgator Review – Strengths:

1) Hostgator has given me almost 100% up time since I started to stay with them. I currently host over 27 domains in their hosting (all in one account), and I have never had a single complaint from my thousands of daily visitors about downtime or server problems. I mentioned earlier about the speed, but I must tell you that my visitors never had problems with the opening speed of the page ‘slightly’ slow in Hostgator Severs.

2) I have tested more than 7 different web hosts (all the leaders in the hosting industry), and I must conclude that Hostgator Hosting has the ‘best hosting features’ among all these web hosts. Although I would like them to offer a ‘free domain’ with the purchase of a client (which is currently provided by many leading web hosts). But, they have not made any commitment on the hosting features. I have several heavy scripts, like Joomla, WordPress and some custom scripts (with CronJobs) that run on my account, and they all work just as well as butter.

There are many more points that I would like to discuss here. A few failures and strengths of Hostgator still await mention. But, I will write another Hostgator Review for those. I hope this Hostgator review helps you make a correct decision when buying your hosting.

Make your Observation a some look by Visiting Hostgator Page

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