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GetResponse Email Marketing

Sending Emails on Behalf

GetResponse is the system which is sending emails on behalf of you once scheduled or at disposal of your willingness. In its first years, the company operated exclusively in the European market; However, during the last decade, GetResponse made a concentrated effort to expand its reach to the US market. GetResponse currently serves more than 350,000 companies in 182 countries, ranging from micro-enterprises to companies known as Marriott, Hilton, Blue Man Group and GlaxoSmithKline.

The software is definitely worth looking at, even for those who have no previous experience in the field. It offers a fantastic set of functions at a very reasonable price, and all features are available to all subscribers, regardless of the size of the list. With GetResponse, you get access to extensive A / B testing options, one-click list segmentation, and a tremendously useful variety of tools and reports. Read the full review for more details.

Sending Emails on Behalf

Cost & Packages

GetResponse offers a free 30-day trial version for a list of up to 250 subscribers, no credit card is required. Keep in mind, however, that for the trial version (and only the trial version), if you add, delete and then add a contact again, count as two contacts. Once the test has expired, there are a number of pricing plans available. The pricing format is somewhat complex, with more advanced plans available as the size of your company’s list grows. Paying for a year of service will save you 18 percent. If you think you will use GetResponse for the foreseeable future, you can save 30 percent by paying in advance for two years.

The price is as follows:


The basic email plan offers you unlimited email marketing, automatic replies and a landing page that can accommodate up to 1,000 visitors / month.

Up to 1,000 subscribers – $ 15 / month
Up to 2,500 subscribers – $ 25 / month
Up to 5,000 subscribers – $ 45 / month
Up to 10,000 subscribers – $ 65 / month
Up to 25,000 subscribers – $ 145 / month
Up to 50,000 subscribers – $ 250 / month
Up to 100,000 subscribers – $ 450 / month


Pro removes the limitations on the home page and allows you to do as many as you want. You will also have access to webinars (up to 100 attendees). A Pro account can accommodate up to three users.

Up to 5,000 subscribers – $ 49 / month
Up to 10,000 subscribers – $ 75 / month
Up to 25,000 subscribers – $ 165 / month
Up to 50,000 subscribers – $ 280 / month
Up to 100,000 subscribers – $ 490 / month


The Max plan increases the number of users to five and the maximum number of seminar attendees to 500. You will also get a custom domain and an account manager.

Up to 10,000 subscribers – $ 165 / month
Up to 25,000 subscribers – $ 255 / month
Up to 50,000 subscribers – $ 370 / month
Up to 100,000 subscribers – $ 580 / month


Enterprise brings a lot of new features to larger companies looking for highly customized features. You must schedule a demo before you log in.

100,000+ subscribers – $ 799 / month

Extra Services and Charges

If you exceed the monthly limit of your plan, you will be charged for the excess. First, you will have to pay the full cost of the plan in which your use falls (so if you have 24,999 on your list and you get two new subscribers, you will need an additional $ 105 per month). Second, you will have to pay an additional fee: $ 4 if you have between 1 and 1,000 subscribers over the limit, $ 8 if you have between 1,001 and 2,000 subscribers over the limit, and so on, in increments of $ 4 and 1,000 subscribers.

For billing purposes, it is considered that a month is 30 days and a year is considered 360 days.

This information is not found on the price page, which has led to some complaints about hidden charges. Read the Terms and Conditions for details on pricing policies. Pay special attention to sections 5, 9, 10 and 11. There is a strict no-refund policy; Be sure you understand the terms before registering for the service. Finally, if you decide to leave the service, you can not cancel it by sending an email or by calling GetResponse; You must log in and use the built-in cancellation function, which serves as an exit interview.

GetResponse offers a custom template design for an additional cost. The bulletin templates will cost you $ 199. If you also want a landing page, the cost is $ 350.

Sending Emails on Behalf

Sending Emails

Sending emails is quite simple; You can preview them using the convenient Inbox preview, and run them through a spam check to look for items that can label it as junk mail. Next, select a campaign (that is, a list) to use, add or delete individual email addresses from the email. At that time, you can send your emails immediately or schedule the shipment by mail for a later date or date.

As with most ESPs, you must certify that any list you upload is based on permissions and conforms to the provider’s antispam policies. You can add lists in the following ways:

  • Upload a csv, txt, xls, xlsx, vcf or ods file
  • Import contacts from SalesForce, Google, Plaxo, Magento, Highrise, FreshBooks, ZenDesk, Formstack     or Batchbook.
  • Manually copy and paste directions into a text box

The contact lists in GetResponse exist within “campaigns”, which may confuse the terminology with the neophyte. This goes back to the origins of GetResponse as an email marketing tool; The assumption is that users are generating email as part of a more complex sales funnel. The organization of the campaign allows users to create a series of newsletters and automatic responses around a tone and initiate different contacts at different times of the cycle: email # 1 and email # 16, for example. Users without these complex needs can still use GetResponse in the same way as any other email marketing platform, keeping only one or two lists (ie, campaigns) and sending emails to all at once.

Users can also manually select or delete contacts from a particular mail one by one, a practical feature for small organizations with a limited mailing list.

Client Services and Support System

My experience with GetResponse was, in general, a good idea; I never waited more than five minutes for a live chat representative, and the representatives I spoke with were cordial and helpful. I received answers to my inquiries by email within one business day. However, I noticed several complaints from users who had problems getting in touch with GetResponse (more details can be found in “Negative Reviews and Complaints” below). The company’s recent Stevie Awards in customer service provide a good indication that the company is trying, with some success, to change this; On the other hand, some of the complaints I saw are dated last year, so it seems that this is still a concern for some people.

The GetResponse Learning Center provides a convenient central location from which users can access all support resources:

1 – Live support: GetResponse provides one-to-one live support through the following means: an online contact form, telephone support and chat support. The online contact form allows you to contact GetResponse through the online form here. Available 24/7/365. For telephone assistance, you can contact GetResponse at 877-362-4547, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. at 5 p.m. ITS T. The chat service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

2 – Video Tutorials: Two of the recent Stevie Awards from GetResponse are related to their extensive library of tutorial videos. Generally between one and three minutes in length, these tutorials cover many aspects of the operation of the program.

3 – Frequently Asked Questions: GetResponse provides a broad knowledge base of frequently asked questions about searches. Where applicable, these include links to relevant tutorial videos.
Live Webinars: GetResponse offers live webinars every week that focus on educating users about different aspects of software and email marketing in general. Typical offers include “Fast track to email marketing success,” “Create and send newsletters,” and “Web forms and targeting.”

4 – Manuals, White Papers and Reports: GetResponse offers a wide range of downloadable materials that provide a detailed view of the software and management of email marketing.
Blog: every working day, the GetResponse team publishes a new entry in its blog. The articles usually discuss tips, topics and trends in email marketing with a great focus on acquiring new subscribers, SEO and social networks.

5 – Social networks: GetResponse is quite active on Facebook. Representatives often respond to comments and questions from users in a few hours. The company usually posts on Twitter twice a day, with quick e-mail marketing tips and links to blog articles. You can also check the company on LinkedIn and Google+.

Sending Emails on Behalf

Pros and Cons Review:

The Cons Review:

No Refund Policy: The drawback of GetResponse is, it does not generate a refund if you change your mind about its services or if it violates its terms of use. There is also no free trial version available. This is clearly stated in their Terms and Conditions, but it is a common complaint from former users. The most problematic cases are those in which a user prepaid for one year of service, and then their account ended within one or two months (without prior notice) for exceeding the spam parameters. In two cases, it seems that GetResponse initially refused to issue any type of reimbursement in these circumstances. The users went to the BBB; At that time, GetResponse offered reimbursements for the unused months of their contracts.

Hidden Fees: there are some complaints regarding hidden charges. At least one of them came from a user who did not understand how the price based on lists works. (GetResponse follows industry standards in terms of determining the size of the list). However, GetResponse does not include a lot of important price information on its price page, but rather stores it in the T & C. In theory, you should always read the T & C of a program before paying it, but in the practice most people do not. The important information about prices should really at least be insinuated on the price page. GetResponse tactics are legitimate, but a bit confusing.

Design Problems: People complain that the interface is not intuitive and should be simpler. Some users even say that to make a real design with it, you need to know HTML.

The Pros Review:

While there are complaints about GetResponse floating around, there are also many accolades for the program. The company provides a page of testimonials; Other recognitions include a handful of criticisms in G2 Crowd (4.4 / 5 stars), another in SiteJabber (5 stars) and TrustRadius (7.6 / 10).

The Apple app gets 4/5 stars based on 130 user ratings, and the Android app gets 4.3 / 5 stars based on 1780 user ratings.

1 – Ease of use: The only common point of praise. Many users love the interface and find it easy to navigate the program, even if they have no previous experience with email marketing. The drag-and-drop editor is a popular feature.

2 – Creation of Landing Pages: Creation of landing pages is an unusual function in an ESP, and users find the implementation of GetResponse efficient and easy to use.
Feature selection: Several users praise GetResponse’s feature selection, saying that the tools it provides to email marketers far outweigh what the competition has to offer.

3 – High Delivery Capacity: Some users say that they obtained higher delivery capacity rates with GetResponse than with ESP competitors

4 – Excellent Customer Service: Many users praise customer support, especially the chat support feature.
Time travel function: users love the function, which allows them to automatically segment the lists by time zone. Deliver emails when they are most likely to open.

Security Feature

GetResponse runs regular network security updates, powerful firewalls and 24/7/356 monitoring of all the company’s servers. The company processes and stores credit card data using bank-level encryption in a PCI-compatible network. User data is backed up in real time on multiple disks and servers for complete data redundancy.

For more information, see the GetResponse security page.

Regarding privacy, GetResponse is approved by TRUSTe. The company’s privacy policy can be found here.

Antispam Protection:

GetResponse has a comprehensive anti-spam policy to keep delivery rates high. When registering, you must certify that your list is based on permits and complies with the company’s antispam standards. In addition, each time you add a new contact to your list, you must check a box indicating that you obtained the new address through legitimate subscription means.

Included in all the accounts is Spam Score, a feature that shows you how your missive scores on SpamAssassin tests. You can see what could make email providers throw their message in the spam box; With a little luck, you will be able to detect potential problems before they actually occur.

Sending Emails on Behalf


There is a lot to love about GetResponse, one of which is its low initial learning curve. This is largely due to its library of quick and concise video tutorials and its incredibly responsive chat support. If your marketing budget is large enough to accommodate a professional plan, the new webinar feature is a fairly unique and potentially powerful way to engage your contacts.

The biggest concern for users will surely be GetResponse’s somewhat opaque pricing scheme. While you can usually get away with it without reading the terms and conditions for services like these, GetResponse has critical information about prices.

The free 30-day trial should be enough to test the product yourself.

Try for Yourself By Visiting The GetResponse Page

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