Solving Environmental Health Issues Today

Environmental Health Issues Today

Environmental Health Issues Today We are facing environmental health issues today in shape of Global warming, unsafe drinking water, poor indoor and outdoor air quality, and contaminated food supplies are just some of the major problems we are currently experiencing. These problems may seem overwhelming, they may seem inevitable and unavoidable,

Sleep Problems and Studies of Insomnia among Adults and Solutions

Sleep Problems Among Adults

Sleep Problems Among Adults If you feel tired reading this short article, you are being victim of this already. It is estimated that over 100 million Americans have occasional sleep problems, of which 40 million have "Sleep Disturbances" and more than 75% of the population ramble daily without sleep. Studies show that

Definition of Postnatal Depression with Signs and Causes

postnatal depression signs

Postnatal Depression Definition The postnatal depression signs appear at any time before and after the delivery of your baby. About 1 in 7 (14%) of women will develop postnatal depression and 10% will experience symptoms during pregnancy (ante-natal depression). In postnatal depression, symptoms may appear suddenly or take a few weeks or

The Myth of Antenatal Depression

antenatal depression symptoms

The Myth of Antenatal Depression Antenatal Depression Symptoms are often overlooked. A pregnant woman who feels overwhelmed and anxious for more than two weeks and can not function in daily activities may be suffering from Antenatal depression. The risk factors for developing Antenatal depression are listed below. Approximately half of women

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