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Asthma and Childhood – What Parents Can Do About the Causes

Asthma Childhood Causes

Nobody likes the idea that your kid has a condition that negatively affects his life. However more and more children are diagnosed with Respiratory illness or Asthma. More and more often, asthma and childhood seem to go hand in hand.


If your child suffers from asthma, there are some very basic things you should do to help your child. The first thing you should do is make sure you have a clean house and that there is no mold growing anywhere in your house, including the basement. If you have a pet, you should groom the pet regularly and be sure to vacuum every day to get rid of the hair and animal dander. Dandruff, mold and pet dust are three things that do not mix with children, suffering from asthma.


Another thing you want to do is to control your child’s diet. Make sure your kid eat lots of fruits and vegetables. It has been shown that fruits and vegetables, along with other foods that are rich in antioxidants, help with asthma. So your child should eat fresh fruits and / or vegetables at least twice a day because this type of diet reduces asthma and other asthma symptoms with great extent.

Physical Activities and Coaches

Often, parents believe that asthma and childhood do not mix with any type of organized physical activities, such as sports. But this is not true. In fact, sports can mix very well with children who suffer from asthma. However, there are some reasonable precautions that you and your child should take.

First, make sure all coaches are notified of their child’s condition before the first practice. The coach should know how severe asthma is and what special precautions should be taken: inhaler, without long runs, etc. Then, the child should also receive clear instructions never to exceed it. Make sure that if an inhaler is needed, it is always used in normal activities and during games practice as well. Also, if your child ever begins to feel that the attack is on its way, he should stop all activities at once and take rest. As long as these precautions are taken, there should be no reason why a child with asthma can not participate in organized physical games /or activities.


Asthmatic children do not have to mean that their child can not have a normal kid’s life. Of course, precautions must be taken, but life in general should be able to continue normally. These precautions tend to commit that life at home helps eliminate asthma instead of aggravating it. Precautions also mean that your child is well educated about asthma, just like any other person who needs to be, such as a coach or teacher.

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