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About Me - Health Articles in English

Hello, my name is Maikaal Hydr, My website name is Health Issues Articles dot Net. Regarding to my Educational Preferences, I always Inspire People to take Healthy Food and Live Gladly.

As it is About me, it is quite customary to tell you that around few years earlier, I just got frustrated and demotivated despite having nice degree and enough knowledge of affiliate marketing, but some how or other the trap of routine or crammed life of 9 to 5 on less pay had just left me too vulnerable and bizarre for my kids and wife.

I was not able to fulfill their needs and the sketched picture with my two kids and wife with less pay and trouble was leading me towards mired of  despair and regrets.

But as i was self motivated person, I was hopeful that one day, I will be able to come over my drastic conditions, and life will be enhanced surely.

About a year ago, I decided to test my skills in online business with the target to quit my job in no sooner than to be a well established person.

Though being the Father and Husband, taking such bold decision in middle of life is not easy but my sheer dedication towards the goal proven prolific enough, and I finally stood out.

I can grab anything (though not too expensive:)) for my two kids and wife. Now they look Fresh, not withered any more. I can go out hassle free for recreation and entertainment now a days, because the hard work made me the Boss, not “yes sir” kind of Employee any more.

I m confident enough, I will keep ascend higher and higher and Future of my kids would be very Brightest one day…

Out Line of my Website is

My target is quite simple.. I am dedicated to be fully aware of food and nutrition or health and fitness related issues and keep impart such information to my fellow visitors or subscribers.

About Me - Health Articles in English